Integrated HR is proudly aligned with Study Gold Coast and their Talent For Business Growth Program and over the last year has hosted 3 human resources interns from Griffith University, Gold Coast. Our current intern, Jade, shares with us her experience so far.

Jade / My Internship Experience …. So Far ….

University is a great opportunity to learn more about your career path and industry while studying. However, what I have found even more exciting is being involved within the business environment and witnessing the daily life of a human resources professional firsthand. From my personal experience as an intern, I believe internships have significantly impacted my professional development as an upcoming graduate.

Upon completion of my first HR internship in the hotel industry, I became very interested in HR consulting. This is when I decided to apply for an internship with Integrated Human Resourcing on the Gold Coast to further develop my knowledge and skills.

My internship at Integrated Human Resourcing has been a big eye opener in comparison to my previous internship and I have enjoyed every minute of it. From interning in-house to moving into consulting, I’ve seen a huge scope of work in HR. Every day is different and incredibly diverse. It really makes me more and more excited to work in the industry someday.

With such a variety of clients and different business needs, it has also given me the chance to learn more about things I never would have imagined. In a short time, I have gained a lot of exposure to all types of HR functions. I have been involved with parts of the recruitment process, such as shortlisting resumes and conducting telephone screenings. I am also able to listen in while the team makes outgoing calls or conducts a job interview. This is great to understand more about professionality and ethics while consulting with external businesses, clients and employees.

I have been shown payroll, redundancy, and gained some experience using various software such as Xero and recruitment platforms. I am very excited to continue my internship alongside a supportive team who I can learn and grow from to achieve my goal as a HR professional.


Integrated HR is proudly aligned with Study Gold Coast and their Talent For Business Growth Program.  More information can be found at : Study Gold Coast or Gold Coast Study Jobs.

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