Health & Safety Tips – Working At Home

As most businesses move across to working remotely, remember that even when your team is working from home, the business has a duty of care to employees to ensure their working environment is safe and to ensure your employees are set up safely and effectively will foster improved productivity.

The Electrical Safety Office recently shared some great tips to make sure employers and employees work together to minimise work health and safety risks at home.

  1. Consult
  • Discuss equipment, hours of work, communication methods and any concerns with the arrangement.
  • Discuss how scheduling breaks, daily routines and regular movement can minimise sedentary work.
  • Agree how to keep in touch to minimise the impact of working in isolation.
  1. Prepare
  • Use equipment and IT resources for safe and productive work.
  • Use a working from home checklist for workers to self-assess their home-based work area.
  • Ensure workers understand how to safely set up their workstations.
  • Use a reporting process for early intervention – injuries, hazards, incidents and changes in circumstances.
  1. Communicate
  • Implement a consultation, monitoring and review process.
  • Encourage workers to stay connected with their colleagues through team meetings, or during their breaks (e.g. have a Zoom lunch or dial-a-friend coffee break).  

Remember to remind your staff to:                                                                                     

  • Carry out a visual inspection of all electrical equipment in the home office
  • Ensure leads and power boards are placed where they will not get damaged or can be tripped on
  • To avoid overheating and fire risks, don’t place papers or other items against air vents of equipment
  • Not permit children to touch or play with electrical cords
  • Ensure power boards are not overloaded or placed where they might be damaged by liquid
  • Further electrical information can be found at qld.gov.au

If you need further assistance with getting your employees set up to work remotely IHR have the following resources available to help:

  • Work from home policy
  • Work from home checklist
  • Computer Workstation Ergonomics Checklist
  • WHS Policies and Procedures / WHS Manual


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