Mental Health and Wellbeing – Uncertain Times

Just as important as our physical health, now is the time to care for our mental health and looking out for each other.

We have been talking to a lot of people over the past two weeks who are struggling with the constant change and uncertainty. 

We are all in this together.

There are resources available for those who need it. Mental health is so important and having a positive mindset and supporting others around you will ensure success through this time.

We spoke to Dr Jodie Lowinger from Sydney Anxiety Clinic who shared some great tips for navigating uncertainty through this pandemic.  She shared 7 steps that can be taken to manage worry, stress and anxiety; to help you feel empowered and in control and engage in powerful mood boosters.

Step 1 – Notice the Worry Story

Step 2 – Breathe – take your brain out of the flight or fight response

Step 3 – Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings

  • Notice and validate rather than struggle
  • Connect with one another and support each other

Step 4 – Accept uncertainty

Step 5 – Bring your mind back to the present

  • Clarify what certainty there is within uncertainty

Step 6 – Move from worry to problem solving

  • What is in and out of my control?
  • Create an action plan

Step 7 – Mood Boosters

  • Exercise and movement
  • Meditation, relaxation
  • Achievement, challenge or mastery
  • Something pleasant or fun
  • Kindness and gratitude
  • Connect with others
  • Stand up to perfectionism – this can be a damaging all or nothing mindset

For more information and resources visit www.sydneyanxietyclinic.com.au

Regularly chechttp://www.sydneyanxietyclinic.com.auk in on your team, everyone will handle this situation differently so it is important to respect and understand everyone’s feelings.

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