Practising mindfulness in the workplace has increasingly been found to help reduce workplace stress. It can also result in positive benefits for employees, both inside the office and in their everyday life including:

  • Clear and focused thinking
  • Increased productivity and attention
  • Heightened performance
  • Increased positive emotions and satisfaction

Here are some top tips to integrate mindfulness in an employee’s workday:

1. Start their day with a break

  • Encourage your team to try short mediation techniques before they start work to increase productivity throughout the day.
  • Techniques may include; finding a comfortable and quiet area while you have a morning coffee/tea, focusing attention to your breath and erasing all distractions from your mind for a few minutes.

2. Forget multi-tasking

  • Ensure employees have a clear understanding of their priorities by asking them to identify their two most important tasks/projects at the start of the week.
  • Encourage the team to tackle priorities first and give their full attention to each task, one at a time! Allowing your team to give their full attention to a single task will achieve greater clarity, consciousness, and productivity and may also reduce feelings of work-related stress, anxiety and chaos.

3. Slow down to speed up

  • Encourage your employees to work at a steady pace on a single task to maintain their focus and minimise mistakes.
  • Slowing down the pace will also enable your team to make well-thought-out decisions and be calm and present in the office, resulting in more meaningful interactions with their colleagues.

4. Set a mindful moment reminder

  • Encourage the team to take short mindfulness breaks between tasks.
  • Your employees could use these intervals to stretch their legs, get some fresh air, or to listen to a short mindfulness meditation using the Smiling Mind app, so they’re ready to tackle their next task with clarity.

5. Create a mindful culture

  • Introduce meeting guidelines that all mobile phones should be switched off or set to silent whenever possible and remember to keep each other accountable.
  • Nominate one person to take notes during a meeting and give each person an opportunity to speak and feel valued.
  • Being present in the moment means everyone is getting the most from the interaction which is invaluable for workplace culture.

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