I couldn’t be prouder of Integrated HR and the team that we have today.  This year we are celebrating 10 years in business which has caused me to pause and reflect on that time.

The business commenced when I was on maternity leave from a full time HR and Community Liaison Coordinator position when a colleague and friend reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in contracting as a HR Manager 1 day per week.  I jumped at the chance as starting my own business was actually something I had considered and nearly started whilst living in Sydney in my 20s – the timing just wasn’t right then.

When starting out and trying to build the business with regular and ongoing work, my business development activities literally involved me driving around industrial estates with 2 children in the back of the car usually sleeping, slowing driving past businesses counting cars in the car park wondering if it was a company I would like to work with and if they could use HR support.  It worked, and I was engaged by a few of those businesses.

We’ve had a few different office locations throughout the years, from home office, service offices and now our own office space in Burleigh which we have nearly grown out of.

Fast-forward 10 years on, the firm now has 4 employees plus me and we mentor HR / Business interns, in which we recently won the Gold Coast Business Awards – Student Employability category.

During the 10 years, we have been fortunate to work with some amazing companies and people.  We are continually learning, improving and adapting to the challenges our client’s face in order to support them as best we possibly can.  I am grateful that these companies trust us, continually engage us and refer their network to us as well.  It is extremely humbling.

10 years in business - Wally Lewis Renee Henville

The future is looking bright for Integrated HR and I’m certainly looking forward to the next 10 years and beyond.

Integrated Human Resourcing is an outsourced HR firm based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Contact us here or call 5613 1846 / email: info@humanresourcing.com.au

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