We have been fielding inquiries from employers who are wishing to bring their team back to the workplace however some employee’s are not yet ready. 

It’s important to not make a rash and all-encompassing directive to your workforce as each person will have their own personal situations to consider.  For example, ensuring allegations of discrimination towards people with a disability or those with carer’s responsibilities who cannot yet return to the office.  Further, those who may be required to catch public transport and not wanting to be exposed to unnecessary health risks also need consideration.

It largely becomes a matter of employer discretion as to whether the employee can continue to work from home or not.  Things to consider include:

  • Employee’s level of productivity (home v workplace)
  • Whether the employee requires supervision or not
  • Does the employee need to interact with co-workers and others face to face for greater cohesion

In some circumstances if the employer requires the employee to return to the workforce, then they can reasonably direct the employee to return.  A reasonable refusal by the employee to follow the reasonable direction, could have disciplinary consequences.

You can see that it can be a tricky balance.

All things considered, the health and safety of everyone is paramount and an honest conversation to be held between the employer and employee weighing up the pros and cons.

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