Your employer brand is an asset that needs nurturing.  During this time the mission, vision and values of a business are being tested along with the natural leadership skills of senior management teams.  The way that we lead through this time will have a lasting impact on ourselves, our employees and our employer brand. 

The Senior Leadership team and more importantly the business owner / CEO are looked up to by employees for strong leadership, open communication and to be led by example.  How the management team behave throughout this crisis will have a huge impact on not only the employer brand perceptions both internally and externally, but also retention and loyalty from the employees.

One of the key criteria and key guiding principles of employer branding is that senior management are able to abide by their core values and value propositions.  An employee’s perception of how well the company’s environment, culture, tools and support structures keep them satisfied and engaged in their work will allow them to achieve and exceed their goals.

In a recent study – The Current Mood of Australia: Building bonds with your brand COVID-19 Edition, our client Sprout, The Human Story (a National thought leader and researcher on human behaviour) explored employer branding and employee experience during this pandemic.  They reveal that the emotional needs are shifting and they explored the differing levels of social anxiety in returning to work and options of managing the same. 

Sprout says that while we may ‘all be in this together’, brands need to be careful not to treat all Australians / employees the same as before.  Their research identified that the top 3 things employees would like from their employer is during their work experience is 1. Achievement, 2. Belonging and 3. Engagement. 

Being real to the staff shows character.  Employees are generally moving away from wanting a corporate employer to wanting an employer to display more traditional family behaviours such as care. 

Employees are wanting to feel that they belong to something.

What Integrated HR took out of this research is that companies who excel at customer service have a 1.5 x engagement level of their employees.  Companies who excel at focusing on their employee’s are 4 x more profitable than those who don’t.

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