By Rachel Murphy

Workforce planning is an essential process that can help businesses achieve their goals and objectives. Workforce planning involves identifying the current and future workforce needs of a business and developing strategies to meet them.

Why is this so Important for Your Business?

Workforce planning is important for businesses because it helps to ensure that they have the right number of employees with the right skills to meet their current and future needs. It helps businesses identify skills gaps, develop training programs to bridge those gaps, and attract and retain talented candidates. Workforce planning can also help businesses adapt to changes in the market and industry, such as the introduction of new technology.

To Get Started, Businesses Should Follow These Steps:

  1. Identify business goals and objectives. Workforce planning should be aligned with a business’s goals and objectives. Businesses should identify their short and long-term goals, and how their workforce can help them achieve those goals.
  2. Determine workforce requirements. Businesses should identify the number and types of employees they need to meet their business objectives. This includes identifying the skills and experience required for each position.
  3. Analyse the current workforce. Businesses should assess their current workforce to determine if they have the necessary skills and experience to meet their future needs. This includes identifying any skills gaps and determining the training needed to bridge those gaps.
  4. Develop a workforce plan. Based on the workforce requirements and analysis of the current workforce, small businesses should develop a workforce plan that outlines the strategies for attracting, developing, and retaining the right candidates.
  5. Implement and monitor the workforce plan. Businesses should implement the workforce plan and monitor its progress. This includes regularly assessing the effectiveness of the plan and adjusting as needed.


Source: Workforce planning for small business | Business Queensland


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