Effective from 1 July 2020 WorkCover Queensland implemented tighter compliance requirements of employers.

The change being that the reporting of injuries and payments are required to be declared even if a claim is not made by the employee.

All employers are now required to report injuries sustained by workers for which a workers’ compensation claim may or may not be made. These injuries must be reported within eight business days:

  • regardless of whether the worker makes a claim; and
  • even if you do not agree the injury is compensable.

Reporting the injury is not the same as making a claim for workers’ compensation.

Click here for examples of what injuries you need to report are available a printable PDF.

There is also a requirement by the Employer to declare whether or not it has made payment, on behalf of an employee, regarding early intervention programs EIP) (i.e. employee assistant program – EAP).  These programs provide workers with access to medical and allied health treatment and support to reduce the likelihood, severity and impact of injury. These programs can include access to preventative treatments or other services to improve general health and wellbeing of workers, and services to support a worker in the early stages of a work-related injury. These services may include medical and allied health services (such as physiotherapy) and counselling and other psychological services.

More information on EIPs and EAPs for click here : printable PDF.

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