Selecting the right candidate for a business is both complex and challenging. One of the biggest tips that we could give you is to follow your gut instinct and not ignore any red flags that appear during the recruitment process or even during the probation period.

We have seen many cases where a business may have ignored these early signs and lived to regret it.

So here are 10 things to watch out for:

  1. Failure to show up to a scheduled interview or being late
  2. Lack of flexibility when trying to organise an interview
  3. Failure to return calls of reply to correspondence
  4. Inability to provide clear examples during the interview
  5. Inability to explain gaps in work history or short stints in a role
  6. Poor listening skills
  7. Unprofessional appearance for the interview
  8. If their referees do not return your call
  9. Request to modify the Employment Agreement
  10. After been offered their requested salary they keep asking for more!

In our experience if you have any concerns it is always important to follow them up before you offer someone a role. There is no harm in:

  1. Organising a second interview
  2. Asking referees further questions
  3. Addressing your concerns directly with the candidate.

Because, not following your gut instinct can have more sever repercussions later on.

If as an employer, you are struggling to find the right people for your business, then we would love to hear from you.

We know that recruitment can be challenging and would love to take that burden off you.

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