Employee records

Records must be kept for a period of seven years and the below are details required to be kept:

  • Employee name
  • Type of employment
  • Employment start and end date
  • Any overtime paid
  • Details of any arrangements to average hours
  • Leave entitlements
  • Leave taken


  • Leave cashed out
  • Full details of super contributions paid on behalf of the employee i.e. fund name, time period and amount
  • All details of termination
  • Workplace flexibility arrangements
  • Guarantees of annual earnings given to employees



Who can request records?

  • Former employees
  • Fair work inspector
  • Union officials (in some cases)

If an official request for information has bene made, an employer has:

  • 3 days to provide onsite access
  • 14 days to post a copy of the information



An employer must issue payslips within 1 working day of paying an employee and can be electronic or hard copy.  The pay slip must state:

  • Employers name
  • Employees name
  • Pay period dates
  • Date the payment was made
  • Employee’s hourly rate
  • Number of hours worked or salary details
  • Gross & net amounts of the payment
  • Bonuses, loadings, allowances, commission, penalty rates etc
  • Details of any deductions from the employees pay
  • Details of any super contribution made on behalf of the employee
  • Leave accrual is optional but best practice



For more information regarding the above, please contact Renee Henville and her team of human resource specialists.