By Nina Pampel

At Integrated HR, we are fortunate to work with business of all sizes and across all industries.  Some of our clients use spreadsheets to record the employee lifecycle and general movement, and some have implemented sophisticated HR Information Management Systems (HRMIS).

We recommend that any business with over 15 employees, or who is rapidly growing should consider implementing a HRMIS.  Here are our top 10 reasons why:

  1. Onboarding your employees will be become pain free, streamlined and professional:
    1. Employees upload all their own personal data including their bank details and tax file declarations
    2. Letter of offer / and Employment Agreement can be issued and signed via the portal
  2. Payroll integration, employee information will be automatically synced reducing any manual entry errors
  3. Timesheets can often be entered via the portal and integrated with payroll
  4. All letters including contract variations can be issued and signed online
  5. Managers can update meeting notes
  6. Policies can be uploaded to and acknowledged via the portal
  7. Performance reviews can be automated
  8. Certifications, expiration dates and required qualification added as a requirement
  9. Online training can be linked to individuals

Having a system in place will protect your business by ensuring compliance with the Fair Work Act:

  1. Ensuring all HR documentation is in one place
  2. Employees have one place where they can see all policies and updates
  3. Deadlines being clearly flagged
  4. Letters being sent out on time
  5. Mandatory employee requirements being set in the system
  6. Easily being able to audit your information
  7. Reporting on compliance, turnover, and many other factors.


As independent Human Resource Specialists, we can give you an honest opinion of which platforms work best for different businesses. If you are keen to hear more contact us on (07) 5613 1846 or info@humanresourcing.com.au