Integrated Human Resourcing is one of a few accredited practitioners on the Gold Coast who can deliver DISC Advanced Assessments.

DISC ADVANCED® is an assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.
So, what makes DISC ADVANCED® the best?

Why does Australian Business and all levels of Government choose DISC ADVANCED®? It’s simple really – They want the latest and most advanced behavioural assessment process available. Many of Australia’s most respected businesses, universities and all levels of government use DISC ADVANCED®. With anything less, you won’t get optimal results and there are restrictions on use in some work environments. There are many advantages with DISC ADVANCED® and it’s our first choice when you want accurate, workplace behavioural assessments.

We don’t like marketing hype, so following are some indisputable facts.

7 Major Advantages to Consider about DISC ADVANCED® Assessments:

  1. The DISC ADVANCED® profile system is a “real world” process. You see, a psychometric instrument isn’t just about the theory and the instrument interpretation. Unfortunately however, this is often all that happens. The DISC ADVANCED® process is about achieving real outcomes in the workplace environment. Having the DISC Profile is just the start.
  2. The DISC ADVANCED® system is not just more advanced but is also more complete. The framework is designed to provide users with practical and, most importantly, useable, information. Too often behavioural assessment systems are incomplete, leaving participants wondering, “What now?” The DISC ADVANCED® process provides a platform for achieving real results.
  3. DISC ADVANCED® profiles, unlike other assessments, measures both the subconscious or ‘natural style’ and the conscious or ‘adjusted style’. This tells us both the preferred and therefore normal behaviour plus the adjusted behaviour brought about by reaction to the current environment.
  4. DISC ADVANCED® is difficult to cheat.  There are mechanisms in the system that indicate unreliable results.  Assessments can be (and often are) answered by the respondent in the way they believe the employer would like them to answer.
  5. The DISC ADVANCED® profile system can indicate the influence of the present environment on a person’s motivation.
  6. DISC ADVANCED® profiles provide Action Plans relating specifically to the person’s behavioural style. This is very valuable in the development of the person and a great tool in moving them forward to where they want to get to.
  7. DISC ADVANCED® profiles indicate if the person is comfortable with their environment, if they are being stretched too far or conversely perhaps feeling restricted.

Types of Assessments include:

  • Individual Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Sales Assessment
  • Pair Assessment
  • Team Assessment


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