By Smita Menon

You think you’ve found a great candidate and have scheduled them for their next interview, but they’re a no-show. You try to get in touch with them via follow up emails and texts. There’s nothing but crickets…..you’ve officially been ghosted!

I am sure every employer these days is familiar with the term ‘candidate ghosting’ since it’s a growing phenomenon. Employers are being ghosted more now than ever by job seekers, as the hiring process isn’t as predictable as it once was.

A survey conducted by Indeed, found that 28% of job seekers have ghosted a potential employer in the past year. The reasons for their disappearance in the hiring process are either receiving another job offer, being dissatisfied with the salary offered or it wasn’t the right job for them.

On the flip side of increased ghosting, employers are tightening their recruitment processes to protect themselves from wasting time and resources. It is highly likely that candidates assume that ghosting will not catch up to them. However, employers are noting down their names and ensuring they don’t make it to screening calls the next time they apply for a job with the same company.

To prevent candidates from ghosting, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

• Ensure a job ad is detailed and transparent. It is important to include all necessary information about the role and keep it realistic in terms of experience and expectations. Ideally, job ads must reflect the salary and benefits. Jobs ads that do not post a salary receive only about half the applicants compared to jobs that do.

• Give the candidate a check-in call. This not only allows candidates to voice any concerns or ask queries but also helps in building a rapport. This step will keep them informed that they are still being considered for the job.

• Focus on the candidate and learn about their goals. Candidates are generally intimidated by the interview process. To help them feel at ease you can initiate a genuine conversation and understand who they are and what they want to achieve. It’s also a great way to build relationships.

• Reevaluate your recruitment process. As an employer, if you have been ghosted a few times then maybe it’s time to reflect on the process. Communicate promptly with all the candidates regardless of whether they are a fit for the role or not. If candidates are not a fit, give them a heads up and this will save them time. You can hold onto their application for a future position thereby creating a talent pipeline.

Although candidate ghosting is a concerning trend, it will not have a huge impact on your business, if you as an employer are being authentic and transparent by putting your candidates first. If the candidate is in the offer stage, make sure to personalize emails and texts and keep the communication engaging and exciting. Also, by building a great rapport you can minimize the risk of being ghosted. At the end of the day even if the candidate is not right for the role or rejects your offer, they should leave thinking that it was a great experience.

Source: https://www.indeed.com/lead/impact-of-covid-19-on-job-seeker-employer-ghosting 

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