Are you ready for 2021?

2020 was certainly a year to put behind us!  In speaking with our clients and our business network generally, a vast number of businesses are somewhat nervous about what will happen when the Government’s temporary protections and stimulus packages conclude.

We have had a number of businesses reach out already to discuss workforce planning and restructuring for what they anticipate will occur to their business after the Government’s support ends.  The mission of Integrated HR is to facilitate productive and engaged workplaces to achieve business goals and success.  In short, we want to support your business to achieve your long-term goals.

What is Workforce Planning?

Workforce planning is the process of having the right people, in the right place with the right capabilities, at the right time.  The key principles are about:

  • Identifying future business directions and workforce needs
  • Analysing and understanding the make-up of the current workforce
  • Determining the necessary skills, capabilities and competencies required to achieve strategic and operational goals in the future
  • Developing policies and strategies that will assist in achieving these goals

The purpose of a Workforce plan provides leaders with a framework for making informed staffing decisions which are in line with the organisation’s strategic and operational goals.  This is opposed to making an emotional or ‘knee-jerk’ decision that may seem right at the time, but eventually turns out to be ineffective in supporting the long-term strategic direction of the organisation.

The benefits of a workforce plan include:

  • the ability to identify more effective and efficient use of people at work
  • enabling effective planning in relation to the “demographics” of the workforce to ensure business continuity
  • enabling proactive management as opposed to just-in-time management or management by crisis
  • the development of a range of alternative courses of action to meet changing market environments
  • assisting to ensure that all managers have sufficient information available to allow them to manage their business costs effectively
  • developing better business managers
  • assisting in the management and planning of leave (e.g. annual, long service, personal etc.)
  • planning for skills development of existing staff
  • targeting training expenditure to achieve value for money and benefit to the individual and the organisation
  • understanding issues associated with retention and turnover so increases or reductions in staff are managed appropriately and cost effectively with minimal impact on the workforce, individuals and to the business.

Integrated HR supports workforce planning through the provision of:

  • Management information reports on workforce data
  • Advice on processes such as needs analysis and skills audits
  • Advice and guidance relating to equal opportunity
  • Advice and guidance relating to employee relations requirements
  • Advice and guidance relating to change management and culture


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