The recruitment process can be time-consuming and finding the right person seems like a needle in a haystack.  After you’ve reviewed 150+ applications and reviewed them all, made some pre-screen phone calls, then conducted face-to-face interviews it can be a relief when you’ve found ‘the one’!  However, don’t let your process stop there.  We have come across some situations where the employer has jumped headfirst and offered the position to an applicant during the interview process, without taking the time to really think about it or conduct any pre-employment checks.

Whilst acting on your gut instinct definitely plays a part in the selection process it should not replace reasoning and completing appropriate checks.

We’d like to share some outcomes related to inadequate pre-employment checks. Haste and not following the correct process has resulted in employing candidates that:

  • Do not have the correct visa working rights
  • Didn’t have a driver’s licence at all or only an automatic license when there was a requirement of the position to drive a manual car
  • Are unable to do their job for health reasons that they had disclosed but not very clearly
  • Still had another job that they were waiting to get called back to
  • Don’t have the correct certification or it had lapsed
  • Don’t have the required insurances in place
  • Are unable to commit to the hours required
  • Have told some tall tales during the recruitment process and don’t have the correct skills

It is important that you:

  • Conduct at least two reference checks
  • Conduct a skills assessment where needed
  • Ask questions around health and fitness if applicable to the role/complete a health declaration form
  • Sight all required documentation e.g. licenses, qualifications, ID etc
  • Ensure an employment agreement and position description is signed


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