The Three Pillars

At Integrated Human Resourcing our services are centred around our three pillars ensuring a successful and engaging employee / employer relationship.

Onboarding and Foundations

Onboarding includes not just recruiting and selecting the best of the best; but ensures a successful integration into the social and performance aspects of the job and business as a whole quickly and smoothly. Through this process, new employees learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively and ultimately successfully.

Growth and Empowerment

Growing and empowering employees at all levels will ensure business success. Empowered employees are often more committed, loyal and conscientious – willing to go above and beyond for you and the business. They are eager to share ideas and can serve as strong ambassadors for your business. There are ups and downs throughout the employment relationship and we provide advice and solutions through those ups and downs.

Offboarding and Exiting

All businesses experience staff departure for a variety of reasons and transitioning them out of the workforce as quickly and efficiently as possible should be a seamless process. To reduce risk exposure to the business redundancies and terminations should be carefully executed. We provide advice and best practice solutions to employee performance issues, terminations and change management / workforce restructuring.owns.

We provide businesses with qualified HR Consultants who have expertise in dealing with almost every situation encountered at work.

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Onboarding and Foundations

Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding

Attraction and selection of ‘the best of the best’ has enormous implications for small to medium businesses. We understand that settling for second best just isn’t an option. We ensure that a complete brief is obtained and we have an understanding of the bigger picture i.e. team culture, position responsibilities and future direction of the business. We provide you with a thorough screening of candidates, interviewing guides and assistance with salary negotiations.

Our point of difference is that we won’t just place the successful applicant with you, but we will also work closely with you to ensure the on-boarding process is a smooth process for both parties.  1st impressions count.

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New Starter Induction Program
First impressions count; a well prepared new starter induction program assists staff to quickly understand the responsibilities of their new role and the businesses’ expectations. We can review your current induction program or create one specific to you and your business’s needs.
Company Manual
Inducting new employees correctly is vital to their streamlined integration into your business. An Induction Manual introduces the employee to the company with an overview of the business but more importantly provides them with information everyone wants to know on their first day. We are able to review your existing manual or create a fresh one for you.
Employment contracts
A properly drafted employment contract sets out the terms and conditions of the employment relationship up front so there are no shades of grey during the employee’s employment. In conjunction with Industrial Relations Lawyers, we can review your employment contracts to ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act and any relevant industrial award.
Policies and Procedures
Policies act as a guideline for how the business deals with everything from its day-to-day operational problems through to complying with legislation, regulation and codes of practice. They are statements of purpose that highlight guidelines on how the business will respond to a workplace situation. If and when an issue arises, the relevant policy and procedure will guide the parties through the steps involved. The main aim of policies and procedures is to ensure that the issue in question is handled fairly, consistently and transparently in all areas of the business.

Growth and Empowerment

Training and Development

Equipping employees with the tools and knowledge to perform effectively is crucial to success and to gain and maintain a competitive edge in any business sector. We can help you obtain both Federal and State Government funding for nationally recognised Certificate courses. We can also create and conduct specialised internal training courses for your staff..

Annual Performance Review
The Annual Performance Review is a process by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated for the year just gone. It provides the opportunity to set goals and identify training and development opportunities for the coming year set against the duties and responsibilities required to successfully fulfil the requirements for their position. Employees value this opportunity to have one-on-one time with their immediate manager where the focus is on them and their career. There are numerous different methods annual performance review can be created i.e. one-on-one or 360 degrees; we will ensure that the correct method is implemented and will ensure your managers are trained on how to deliver an effective performance review.
Annual Salary, Commission & Bonus review
One of the most contentious areas in the employment relationship is the employee’s salary. The employee believes they are worth more and the business believes that what they are paying is too much.

Conducting a transparent annual salary review helps to provide businesses with correct information on what a position is worth. A comprehensive salary review takes into consideration factors such as business competition, federal minimum wage / award increases, CPI, Australian Pay and Classification Sales and of course businesses’ financial performance.

Stay Interviews
With the current job market being so competitive it is more and more important to understand what drives your high performing staff and why they choose to stay loyal to you. Stay interviews are small – medium businesses best defence against employee attrition. The interview is a confidential conversation between management and the employee and is an opportunity to build further trust and a chance to assess the degree of employee engagement and job satisfaction. This type of communication must be handled with care and the employee must understand that there are no ulterior motives of the employer other than to understand what the employee likes and dislikes so the positives are mirrored (where appropriate) with other employees. With the assistance of Integrated Human Resourcing, we can ensure that the message is carefully conveyed to the employee and the rest of the business.
DISC Assessment (Behaviour Profiling)

We are accredited to use DISC Advanced – a workplace behaviour profiling tool.  DISC Advanced is the world’s most advanced behavioural assessment system.

DISC Advanced is designed for the workplace.  Unlike other ‘personality tests’, DISC Advanced has been designed for the workplace from the ground up.  The assessment measures both the subconscious ‘real self’ and the conscious behavioural styles.  This permits evaluation of the impact of the work environment and potential job pressures on the person.

The assessment can be used for:  recruitment / improving communication / improving self awareness / understanding differences / improving sales techniques and much more.

Change Management Strategies
Change Management strategies are sought when a business is going through significant change and the business needs to align its staff with that change. Change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, however more importantly consultation with, and involvement (where practical) with the staff affected by the change is extremely important. If change is forced onto employees more than likely problems arise. Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable. Integrated Human Resourcing has expertise in creating a structured and collaborative approach to implementing change.
Positive Workplace Culture
Providing an ongoing positive work culture is sometimes easier said than done. It can take only one employee to undermine years of hard effort in de-stabling what was an effective team and reducing it to a dysfunctional team. Culture shapes the work enjoyment, work relationships and work processes. A workplace culture encompasses many different characteristics of a business. Culture can be visible in the way a business looks through its branding and how employees dress whilst at work. However, it really thrives in the undercurrent attitudes of employees, through the setting of goals and in the communication of business values to employees and clients/customers. Culture is set and led by the owner or senior management team. Integrated Human Resourcing can successfully implement change management strategies to improve the culture within your business.
Performance Management
Performance planning, coaching and appraisals can sometimes be daunting and an uncomfortable conversation for managers and business owners.  However these tools can clearly identify desired objectives of the employee. This can facilitate the alignment of employees with organisational strategy and can assist in identifying areas of improvement or where further training and development may be required. It can also identify high performers within a business.
Retention Strategies
Retaining employees and ensuring you have the best talent in place to meet your business goals and client needs are paramount in today’s work environment. The job market is constantly changing and many small – medium businesses are finding that they no longer have the upper hand in the employment relationship. If employers are not fostering their best employee talent, there is a high risk the employee will be poached by the competition. Employee retention strategies include implementing reward and recognition and health and wellbeing programs as well as offering a competitive salary, work life balance and training and development opportunities.
Rewards and Recognition Program
Employee Recognition and Reward Programs plays a dynamic part in any business. They not only help to define shared behaviors that contribute to build a healthy morale and culture but are the primary reinforcement tools for the business to ensure that the behaviors it wants to see are actually the ones that are rewarded, recognised and therefore hopefully repeated. With great success in this area, we are able to create and implement a program specific to your business environment to further motivate and encourage your staff.
General HR Administration
Managing HR documentation and general HR administration can be time consuming for business owners and often the accounts team. We can provide you with systems to ensure compliance in maintaining employee files / data and advise you in other areas such as the correct information to be recorded on payslips etc.
Work Health and Safety
All employers within Australia have a duty of care to provide a safe work place. Knowing and understanding Work Heath and Safety laws will help you avoid any unnecessary risks and costs that could potentially damage your business caused by workplace injury or illness. We can provide areas of advice and support from implementing a work health and safety manual through to rehabilitation and return to work duties and liaise with WorkCover Queensland and other relevant authorities.
Health and Wellbeing Programs
A Health and Wellbeing Program within your business aims to reinforce positive and healthy habits within the workplace and acts a positive influence to both the mental and physical state of employees. A successful program implements activities or initiatives designed to reinforce healthy choices whilst at work. This positive influence can contribute towards: reduction in sick leave and workers’ compensation claims; increased employee morale and engagement; improved corporate image; increased attraction and retention of employees; increased productivity; and higher energy levels. We are able to create a program specific to your business environment.
Proofreading, Editing and Document Control
We can proofread, edit and format your organisation’s documents, policies, forms, templates, websites and communications. Ensure your organisation’s internal and external documents are professionally written, accurate and meet the approved standards. We can implement a document control and management process providing you with an efficient file management system.
Quality Standards – Compliance
We can provide you with Quality Management support and advice. We have expertise in Quality Management Systems, ISO 9001, WHS and other industry service standards. We can conduct internal audits, site inspections and risk assessment to access compliance and provide you with the guidance to ensure your organisation meets both external and internal standards.
Process Improvement and Efficiency
We can work with you to implement efficiencies within your organisation. We can assess administrative and documentation processes and provide you with ideas on how you can be more efficient. We have expertise in developing process maps, developing tracking tools, organising your information and documenting work practices.
Project Management
If you have a project to deliver and don’t know where start we can support you with getting the framework in place to deliver the project successfully. We can help you with due diligence, project planning, resourcing, time management, scheduling, monitoring, reviewing, reporting, budgets and risk assessments.

Offboarding and Exiting

Terminations and Redundancy

Employment can end for many different reasons. An employee my resign or may be dismissed based on poor performance or in more serious cases summarily dismissed. Whichever way the employment relationship ends, it is important to follow the very clear guidelines in the Fair Work Act regarding dismissal, notice and final pay. There are also certain rules and obligations an employer must comply with when making a position redundant.

Exit Interviews
When an employee is exiting the business, a meeting is held with that exiting employee to gather information and feedback to ascertain why the employee is leaving, what they liked about their employment and what areas of the company need improvement. This information is fed back to the appropriate managers so the business can digest the feedback and it can form as a driver for continual organisational improvement.
Exit Checklists
An exit checklist is designed to support management to ensure that everything that needs to be done has been done before the employee leaves the building for the last time. The checklist includes topics such as handover of responsibilities to the appropriate person, all company equipment has been returned, all passwords and access codes have been gathered, final termination payment has been processed correctly and includes all the appropriate entitlements including any commission or bonus that maybe owned.
Deed of Release
In certain circumstances, a Deed of Release is required to be executed by both the employer and employee in negotiating the termination of employment. A Deed of Release is used to settle disputes between two parties or prevent disputes arising in the future. Typically under such a document, one party undertakes to pay a certain amount or to do a specific act (typically the employer). The other party (typically the employee) then agrees that it will be prevented from making any further claims related on that matter.

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"Renee has provided me personally and our whole organisation with a mountain of support. From goal/KPI setting, potential employee screening, goal and KPI setting, assisting Managers with performance management of direct lines, payroll and leave enquiries, strategic research on workplace trends, learning & development structure, WHS and many more areas. Thoroughly recommend Renee to support if you’re looking for HR support."

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"Integrated Human Resourcing has played an integral role in developing FBAA HR policies and procedures, as well providing ongoing support in relation to all other HR matters. They have supported the FBAA business for over 5 years and we continue to consider them a major business asset. Further to this, Renee and her team are very easy to deal with, are reliable, and are very passionate about what they do for their clients."

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"I engaged Renee Henville to perform several remuneration analysis projects. She presented us with accurate and easy-to-understand reports in a fuss-free, timely manner using her outstanding business administration skills"

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"Integrated Human Resourcing have been a key pillar of our business over the past years. Their friendly, competent and speedy approach to HR-related issues is highly valued with our company.

During the pandemic they have proven themselves to be very flexible and adaptive, and provided a seamless service throughout. Highly recommended."

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"As a Clinic Manager, I appreciate how Nina and the team make recruitment a seamless process. From advertising, to short-listing suitable candidates to organizing contracts etc. I can always count on Nina to make decisions that are within the best interest of our business and team.

She is personable, professional, extremely knowledgeable and always there for us when we have HR questions to give advice and recommendations."

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"I have worked with Renee and Nina, and their service is prompt, their advice accurate, and the attitude totally professional. I would highly recommend Integrated HR to any business owner."

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"Nina and Renee are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things HR. The only company on the coast I trust with my client's HR needs."

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"I highly recommend Renee and the team at Integrated Human Resourcing. They were amazing with the whole recruitment process of finding us the right finance graduate for our business. Thanks again for all your help!"

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"I cannot recommend Nina highly enough to anyone in business. She is not only a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things HR (in our case, employer/e rights, rates, agreements, contracts etc) but also extremely efficient, diligent, understanding and patient. So happy to work together."

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